Sweet Kelly Anne Styling

Sweet Kelly Anne Styling is a personal styling service that specializes in finding high quality clothing at thrift shops.

Sweet Kelly Anne Styling © 2019

Inspiring self love through fashion. 



"I could only go on an aversive shopping outing with someone who makes me laugh and picks out amazing clothing. I'll never forget walking into the store and seeing you immediately dive into things. I remember standing there overwhelmed (as usual), but in one blink, you had several clothes in your arms. The funny thing was that pretty much all the clothes you chose in 1 minute fit and were amazing economical finds...clearly a strength for you. I most appreciated the humor and love you displayed for helping me find things that worked. I'd do it again in a heartbeat."

"I loved the whole thing! I especially liked when you came to my house before and put outfits together with my existing clothes and then helped me determine what else I needed to buy!"

"1) Having you go ahead of time to pull items was awesome. It was great to hit the ground running. 2) You have such a positive, but also really relaxed demeanor when trying things on. I think even people who are not comfortable in this situation would be comfortable with you. 3) I would NEVER go to the Goodwill by myself and put in all that effort. Too frustrating and overwhelming. But the price point allowed me to do a massive overhaul of my wardrobe. Which was AWESOME!"

*Rated 5 STARS on YELP!*

"I hired Kelly so that I could fire Stitch Fix and wow, did she deliver. She is a styling genius! I'm still completely impressed that, in just four hours, she figured out my style based on my existing closet, pored through a gazillion racks of clothing, picked out all the gems, and combined them into dozens of fabulous outfits for me. I ended up with 23 lovely mix and match finds for just $300 (wow, right!?) Getting dressed in the morning has never been so delightful. Kelly is warm, creative, fun, and I can't recommend her services enough!"

"I enjoyed the way you came prepared, took notes and snapped pictures of what I tried on. Your smile and demeanor had me relaxed and comfortable right away!"



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"Honestly, the whole process was amazing! I really enjoyed our day together and getting your expert advice on how to style clothes that I already have as well as how to incorporate some new finds.When can we go again?"

"I guess I should have gotten your autograph while I had the chance! LOL! Famous or not, I sure had a blast shopping with you. I now have a closet full of wonderfulness and a new appreciation for my body. You've really inspired me to be more adventurous and whimsical with my clothing, and now it's like a new love affair. With myself. You rock!"

"Being cute is so FUN! I actually got a little excited to go to work yesterday and be cute. I had so much fun with you! Thank you for offering your expert services at prices that girls like me can afford! I'm thrilled!"

"My Sweet Kelly Anne styling experience has inspired me to overhaul other parts of my life as well. For example, cleaning out my closet, purging other parts of my house, and getting organized. Who knew your service would result in such collateral gains?!"