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Frequently Asked Questions

+ How should I prepare for our sessions?

Think about your current style and how you want to update your look. What are your goals? Review your favorite pieces and the items you love to wear every day. Also consider the challenges you have when getting dressed each morning. What are your pain points? Think about your lifestyle, your needs at home, and the items you wear in more professional settings. It's good to have an idea of clothing budget as well.

Before a closet consult, it's helpful if you to purge the things you don't want or you don't like. If you're unsure, then you can put your to-be-donated clothes aside and we can look through them during our session. Also, it's nice for me to know what you chose to wear regularly, so I like to see some of your go-to outfits. Some clients have found it helpful to lay things out before I get there to remind them what they want to discuss. Additionally, I like to focus on items that you have (and still like) but don't know what to wear with it. We'll also create a list of things you can buy -- either during our shopping session or on your own --  to round out what you already have.

During the shopping session, I will pull clothes for about an hour before you arrive. Because we will be thrift shopping, I ask clients to wear a black tank top and black leggings or bike shorts so that you can try on clothes over the top and we can use the fitting rooms sparingly. This technique saves time and it's more fun! Plus, the fitting rooms usually have a low item limit and well as a one-person-per-room rule. Since we usually have a lot to try on, we want to be efficient and I want to be able to style you while we work!

For all shopping sessions, I ask that clients to bring reusable bags for their purchases along with bottled water. It also helps to eat a good meal before our session(s) as well.

+ How much money should I spend? 

I am an expert thrifter and primarily shop at places like Goodwill and Value Village with my clients. Because I am so skilled, I can build you a whole new wardrobe for $300 to $400. Items usually shake out to be about $10 per piece. It's important to note that even the most skeptical of my clients have been incredibly impressed after a thrifting session with me and vow to never buy clothes full price again! Ha! I have a very high success rate with thriting.

+ How will I pay you?

I will invoice you via PayPal after our session(s).   ​


Yes! I love shopping, so we're the perfect team. In fact, I make it really easy for you: You literally just have to show up, put on clothing, and decide what you like (and be honest about what you don't). I will put you at ease and we can figure out what might be most helpful. Perhaps you just need someone to reaffirm what you already know looks good. Maybe you want to feel re-inspired by clothing and need some creative collaboration to do so. Or maybe you just need someone to shop for you! I can do that too! Let's brainstorm together. (Check out my Yelp reviews for how other people found the experience!)

+ What if we don't have the same taste or style? How will you know what I like?

My job is to understand how you want to look and feel -- and then make it happen. I strive to make you feel like a more fully-expressed version of yourself. I see my role as someone who presents options on how you can look, feel, dress...and then you get to choose what you want! Because of this philosophy, I will likely push you outside of your comfort zone. In the same vein, I do not see myself as the expert on your style or your life. I will definitely have suggestions -- and you can completely ignore those suggestions if you don't feel like they fit your overall goals or style. This process is flexible and supportive, and I'm here to provide what you need. During the closet consult (or via email exchange), we can discuss your lifestyle, the clothes that you already own, the items that you think you might need, and so on. We'll also talk about where you typically shop and what you usually purchase as well as any obstacles that you have regarding style, shopping, or creating outfits. All of these steps always lead us in the right direction.