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Frequently Asked Questions

So...how does this all work?

We'll start with an initial consultation - likely via email - during which I'll ask directed questions about your current style and your overall goals. We'll also talk about your budget and current lifestyle. From there, we can decide what type of service would be best for your needs and how many hours to schedule. Then we'll figure out a date and get to it! Take a look at the Success Stories to see some examples of real consultations.

How should I prepare for our sessions?

Think about your current style and how you want to update your look. Review your favorite pieces and the items you love to wear every day. Also consider the challenges you have when getting dressed each morning and the parts of your body you like the most. Think about your lifestyle, your needs at home, and the items you wear in more professional or formal settings. It's good to have an idea of clothing budget as well.

Before a closet consult, it's helpful if you to purge the things you don't want or you don't like -- if you're unsure, then you can put your to-be-donated clothes aside and we can look through them during our session. Also, it's nice for me to know what you chose to wear regularly, so I like to see some of your go-to outfits. Some clients have found it helpful to lay things out before I get there to remind them what they want to discuss. Additionally, I like to focus on items that you have (and still like) but don't know what to wear with it. We'll also make a list of things you can buy to round out what you already have.

During the shopping session, I typically pull clothes for about an hour before you arrive. If you are interested in thrift shopping, I usually ask clients to wear a black tank top and black leggings so that you can try on clothes over that outfit and we can use the fitting rooms sparingly. This technique saves time and it's more fun! Plus, the fitting rooms usually have a low item limit and well as a one-person-per-room rule. Since we usually have a lot to try on, we want to be efficient and I want to be able to style you!

For all shopping sessions, I ask that clients to bring reusable bags for their purchases along with bottled water. It helps to eat a good meal before our session(s) as well.

How much money should I spend? 

If you want to shop at places like Goodwill and Value Village, I can do wonders with $200-$300. If you prefer places like Target, TJ Maxx, or Buffalo Exchange, then I would recommend you consider spending more like $500-$600 for a wardrobe update. If you're looking to shop at Anthropologie and Nordstrom, then I would suggest budgeting $800-$3000 for some signature pieces. Because thrifting is my jam and I'm very skilled, it's easy for me to find high quality pieces at most thrift stores and this is what I recommend to most of my clients. In fact, even the most skeptical of people have been incredibly impressed after a thrifting session with me and vow to never buy clothes full price again! I have a very high success rate with this technique.

How will I pay you?

I will invoice you via PayPal after our session(s).   ​


Of course! I love shopping, so we're the perfect team! In fact, I can make it really easy on you. (Just check out my Yelp reviews!) So, let's chat. I can put you at ease and we can figure out what might be most helpful. Perhaps you just need someone to reaffirm what you already know looks good. Maybe you are concerned about your current shape and it would help to have an expert pick out items that highlight your best assets. Or maybe you just need someone to shop for you! I can do that too! Let's brainstorm together.

Where will we shop? What if we don't have the same taste or style? How will you know what I like?

My job is to understand how you want to look and feel -- and then make it happen. I strive to make you feel like a better version of yourself. With that being said, I may push you outside of your comfort zone a bit. I will definitely have suggestions -- and you can nix those suggestions if you don't feel like they fit your overall goals or style. This process is flexible and supportive, and I'm here to provide what you need. During our initial email exchange, we'll discuss your lifestyle, the clothes that you already own, the items that you think you might need, and so on. We'll also talk about where you typically shop and what you usually purchase as well as any obstacles that you have regarding style, shopping, or creating outfits. All of these steps should lead us in the right direction.